Saturday, November 28, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Nov. 29

Change of Seasons:

This one took some thinking as we don't have changing seasons here.  I picked up two flower arrangements for this weekend that have autumnal colors:

This one I put in the guest bedroom since it is tall.

This one I used for the table since it was low.  The price included the vases which I liked since normally bouquets alone are the same price as these were.  They are still looking good and are still soft to the touch.


I did quite a bit of baking for this weekend but only had time to take a picture of one thing I baked:

Yes this is my bread that caved in.  It was cooked through. just looked funny.  I am not sure what happened as this was the same recipe I used to make the bread cubes for my dressing and that loaf came out perfect, but I don't have a picture of that one, of course.

My Grocery List:

I stated earlier that I make dressing and I do-dressing because I do not stuff my turkey.  I do however stuff my turkey with the lemons and limes.  It keeps the turkey moist, gives it flavor, and I don't have to baste it which means I can concentrate on cooking the other things without interruption.

Yes the paper is pink and the bottom of it has flowers.  Why not use pretty paper for lists?


Blessing enjoys all the time she gets with her uncle.  Here they are playing a game of barter called Basari. It is a rather complicated game but once they got the hang of it, they enjoyed it.  Some of the directions weren't quite clear enough but we figured it out after playing it.  I do understand now why they said it is for ages 10 and up.

Here she is playing with his feet and they are both enjoying themselves.  He is a bachelor and it is kind of him to spend this time playing with her.  Unfortunately he leaves around 10 this morning :(.


I like any type of drop or dangle earrings.  This is one of the pairs I got while on vacation.  They call them ear chimes and they do make a small tinkling sound while wearing them.  I liked the varying colors in these and dangling earrings are something I am known for wearing.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Little Things Thursday Nov. 26

Happy Thanksgiving for those celebrating it.    I have always had a cranberry dish or two for thanksgiving...perhaps because I lived in the Northeast where cranberries are well known.  when I married I found some recipes for cranberry and orange dishes and now I do those every year.  Right now I am waiting for my cranberry orange dressing to finish cooking and boy! does my house smell good.

Because we have company I am also tired and have been working hard preparing things.  This week's floral photo was taken with my phone and edited with Snapseed-too tired to do anything else today.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Nov. 22

I missed some of my photo memes this week and I don't know why.  It's as if my mind developed this black hole for memes this week-weird.  I did however remember to take shots for SHS!

When I Grow Up:

I was not sure what I was going to use for this shot since Blessing is not as gung ho as she used to be about her photo being taken.  This is where friends with children cone in handy:

Some of you may remember that this girl is part of the A team (all the girls Blessing  has gotten close to this year have names that start with A and none of them repeat).  The neat thing is that I did not ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up it just came out of a conversation she was having with the other kids at the table.  she said she wanted to do theater or be a photographer.  I took this picture with my phone (Sony Xperia Z1s) and gave her my camera to hold.


This is the decoration on a mailbox post.  I focused on the leaf tip with my phone- again trying not to take a picture of the ubiquitous yield signs all over the place here.


This A and her sister.  It was not A's birthday but she decided to wear this hat anyway and again I did not ask-it just happened and I said "Perfect".  I also considered this shot for triangle, since the shape of the hat is a triangle.


These are hair decorations called swirl pins as the pin part has a short swirl to attach to the hair.  I saw a hairstyle where someone did a lose braid on the sides of the head and pinned the ends close to the neck.  Then these pins were put in the hair and I thought this would look smashing on Blessing's hair.  The original girl had to have her hair prepped and loose waves or curls before her mom started braiding but I won't need to do that part.  It is a loose soft style which will work well with curls or waves.


 Our sky indulged me this week with the clouds giving me different patterns and colors on the same day.

This was the same sky at the same time that evening-this was just a different section of the sky.  This is not unusual here to have part look dark and then a few feet away have a lighter sky with blue sky and orange pink color.  And of course we have different cloud patterns here.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hobbit Art

This is a close up of one of the pages in the book "The Art of the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien" by Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Nov. 15


Blessing took this picture of one of her friends with my phone.  I have a Sony Xperia Z1s and they have a camera app called AR effects which allows you to take pictures with different effects.  I believe this is one of the disco ball effects.  She and her friends thought it was cool.


A couple of silk scarfs I bought at Target shortly before we moved here.  I wanted someone else to model them but as you will soon see, she was not cooperative that day.

Something New:

Friends of ours found this little puppy on their property.  She was nothing but skin and bones when they found her nine days ago.  Her eyes are still blue so she is very young.

I like the little white tips she has on her back feet.  They were driving on the property when my friend saw something dash toward them and veer off to the side.  She told her husband to follow it and see what it was.  They do have wild boars out there so they thought it might be one one of those, but she went under a bush and that is where they found her.

I took this shot so you could see the two white dots on her head.  It is not dust or dirt which is what I originally thought, but then realized it does not come off.

The vet put her somewhere between 5-6 weeks of age which is way too young to be fending for yourself.  Besides the wild boars there are turkey vultures, eagles, owls that could have gotten her. There are no other houses around there so we figure she had to be dropped off by someone as she is too little to go far.  I also wonder if she was running away from a predator when they found her because of how fast she ran and she immediately went under a bush.  She is a lab mixed with something else but acclimating very well to her new home.  Her name is Shadow.

This next one is a hard one for me:

Different friends of mine found this kitten in the tree in my former yard.  They took him in and he also has a good home, but really?  Everyone is finding pets but me :(.  I did not take this shot my friend did. Isn't he handsome?  Her kids named him Vincent von Fur Ball.

Starts with C:  Curls!  Shortly after I had to put my cat down, Blessing got frustrated with her hair and cut some of it herself-something she did not do as a baby or toddler.  I needed my hair cut too so I booked back to back appointments for us so her hair could be fixed and perhaps easier to manage.

Last December we had this length:

It was all one length.

Before summer swim team we did this:

Cut a few layers in and trimmed off some of the length.

She was at the point where she wanted it straight and about 1/2  inch length all over like one of her friends has.  I explained to her that since her hair is not straight like her friends it would not look good on her.  The two hair stylists also told her the exact same thing.   So now we have this:

The view from the back.

This is where you get to see my uncooperative subject:

We cut off more overall length and added in more layers.  This shot was after we had washed it at home using some new products and techniques we learned from - a wonderful resource for all types of curly hair.  If you are frustrated with your hair, your child's hair or know someone frustrated with their curly hair this is the place to learn ways to deal with it.

We learned more than a few things, but one that I have been having fun with is telling everyone we know that we do not have thick hair. Everyone, even Blessing herself said "We don't"?  I was surprised too but thickness is how big each individual stand of hair is.  We have fine hair that is high density-in other words we have a lot of it.  Many people confuse density with thickness.  It matters because fine hair of any density breaks easily and can be damaged faster which is a double whammy for curlies as curly hair tends to be drier over all than straight hair.  We need to be a bit more careful with what we do with our hair and how we treat it as a result of having fine, dry hair.

I know her eye is out of focus but I don't care.  The focus of this shot was to show some of her curl pattern up close.  Like most curlies she has more than one type of curl.  Her top layer of hair has a "looser" curl pattern than her hair underneath.

We also learned that we should not use shampoos that have sulfates and we most likely need to avoid silicones too.  Both tend to dry out hair and thus add to frizz-something most curlies don't want any more of.

We no longer sleep on cotton pillowcases or use regular towels to dry our hair.  Both of those things rough up the hair shaft leading to the all time enemy of curly hair-frizz.  Now truthfully I thought "Really?  Is this a gimmick to get us to buy more stuff"?  I could not find satin or silk pillowcases that were within my budget but I did find microfiber ones.  Microfiber is recommended for drying hair and I got two pillowcases in one package so tried them out and I did notice that we did not have as much frizz on waking up as we did before.  So it is not hype, it does work.  This means when traveling I have to remember to pack our pillowcases.

I spent all this time and research on this because I don't want Blessing to hate her hair.  And its so much easier to work with its natural texture instead of fighting it.  She has gotten compliments on her curls already just from implementing the things I have learned.  I also want her to have confidence now so when she is older she can combat and educate people out there.  Many adult women are told that curls are not professional so if they are not going to straighten their hair it needs to be in a bun, everyday.  One story here.   Remember Rebecca Brooks?  I do not agree with what her newspaper did but I remember last winter when she showed up for court there were comments about how she should not have shown up to court with her hair curly.  What?

Lastly we have this recent story about an 11 year old girl kicked off her cheer team because her mother said she would not straighten her daughter's hair:

"A cheer mom is flipping out after her daughter was told she could not compete with her team since she refused to straighten her hair.
This past week, we was told by the powers that be at Woodlands Elite Cheer that she would need to straighten her hair, like all of her teammates during competitions."

I did see another article where they said they were willing to show this girl how to straighten her hair without damaging it and they said the coach's wife was a hairstylist, but it is obvious they know nothing about curly hair.  Any type of continued straightening does damage the hair. Done often enough it disturbs the natural curl pattern of the hair.  Not to mention that any drops of water via humidity or sweat that would fall on her hair would make it start to wave, curl or frizz.  The article is brief but if you don't read it, click through to see the picture of the girls hair.  Even using a flat iron, it would take hours to straighten her hair.    Plus she has been on the team since April so I find it interesting that the team suddenly decided to vote for everyone having straight hair for competitions. Either the coaches are twisting the facts, and/or some girls are jealous of this one and discovered this was a way to get rid of her.  Personally I think they should lawyer up as that is discrimination.

The article also says it is not about hair but about the negativity yet the coaches give no examples of said negativity.  The only thing they mention is appearance and the "negativity" is that the mom says her childs' hair will not be straightened.  This is the same decision I would have made-if curly hair was a problem they should have been told that before try outs or shortly after she made the team, not the month of competition after she has been regularly practicing with the team since April.


Blessing got a new book.  It has beautiful illustrations along with text.  Some of the pages that have artwork are double, triple or even quad fold outs-very cool.

This is the cover shot of the book:

Blessing is a big fan of Tolkien-the books, the movies, the artwork.

I know I was chatty today but it has been a while since I have been chatty on any blog post.  Thanks for bearing with me today.

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