Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Junkyard Broad View

This is a broader view of part of the junkyard.  I realized that I tend to favor shots that are closer in to subjects. Part of that is because I like macro and the other part is I am trying not to have too many distracting things in the frame.  I do like this shot and in fact wished I had a wider lens so I could capture more of the junkyard.

I also played with more manual settings for this playing with highlights, shadows, details, whites, blacks, tone curve, etc...

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

SHS August 31

It is so nice to be caught up with SHS this week and only post 5 pictures instead of 10.  I am sure you appreciate it too as my blog will load faster now.

I chose portrait for my first prompt:

My beautiful Blessing, who turned 11 last week.  I had fun making the details of her dress stand out.


This mama has her paws full with these two active twins.  And they were very active indeed.


Here are some of the books for this year, but it is not all of them.  Some of them are from last year that we are using this year too.


These are the candles we used for her birthday cake.  She was pleased to see that they were pink and had glitter that made them sparkle-as I knew she would.  She does not like traditional cake so we do either ice cream or cheesecake.  This is a sampler of a few different kinds of cheesecake and she was well pleased with the selection of flavors.

She needs more clothes now-very few things fit properly.

Back to School:

Besides books here are some of the other things we use for school.  From left to right-Diana Waring cds.  These are fabulous-so many interesting tidbits about history and she makes connections among events and people too.  Blessing and I both really like these.  Next we have the fandisk explorers pack.  I had never used these before and I have to say I am impressed with this guide.  Lots of information and they include some lesser known folks as well as the headliners.

The dolphin tin is holding markers.  The box is neat as it is 3 D so it looks like the dolphins are swimming up form the water as you tilt the box.  In front of that we have Prismacolor colored pencils.  These pencils are wonderful for coloring-a world above Crayola.  Blessing and I both like using these.

Then we have some rocks for science, a pencil sharpener, regular writing pencils and a music cd.

Speaking of back to school, I am contemplating switching to a different co op for next year.  Some of it is due to some social changes that Blessing would confront, some of it has to do with lack of community for us both, and some of it is due to the academic choices available, or rather lack of choices.

This week none of my groups paid any attention to what I taught.  I know this because I asked them questions and not one of them in any group could answer me.  This has me wondering how much effort I should exert in the future.  I try not to repeat things they have already read about the weeks topic and I know for a fact that what I shared with them last week they had not heard before.

I am still recovering from the illness I got on vacation -still coughing and having voice issues.  Today I can feel that my voice is a bit worse than it was before.  None of the teachers get paid.  I am not sure how much more strain I should put my voice through for kids that won't pay attention.  We are committed for this year, but when sign ups start for next year, I am not sure we will be returning.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


These traps were outside this log cabin.  We saw this at one of the museums we went to.  All buildings in this museum are original.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Tomato Flower

I used kk let go texture on pinlight at 80% opacity.  I had originally started with the tea time texture and tried all the blending modes but I did not like any of them for this shot.  I then switched to this one and like the way the colors in the texture complement the colors of this tomato flower.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

SHS August 17th and 24th

This week for SHS I am again doing two weeks in one post as I was traveling last week and did not have time to post pictures.  for the week of Aug 17th the prompts were home, heart, guilty pleasure, lucky and window.

I will start off with heart:

My blessing and her daddy walking hand in  hand warms my heart, especially since there may not be too many more times of this in the future.


We went to many museums on vacation and this particular one is wonderful because all the buildings on site are original.  There are homes in different styles on the site but this one is the fanciest. It is the Murdoch house and when it was moved to this site they cut the house down to its original size.  The only bad thing is that no one is allowed upstairs but it is still a wonderful house.

Guilty Pleasure:

This is a mucho mudslide and it was indeed delicious.  This was the last picture I needed for the August 17 prompts. My husband saw me taking a picture of it and asked "You're taking a picture of a drink"?  I told him that I was since it fit one of my prompts for my photo meme.  This was taken with my phone.


while we were walking along the trail at this park a man walked by and asked if we had seen the wild turkeys yet.  We replied we had not but were heading that direction.  He told us they were walking back into the woods but we might be able to see them.  I consider myself lucky that after looking for a while I was able to spot them and get some shots of them.  Thank goodness for my Tamron 18-250 mm lens or I would not have gotten this shot.  There were a total of 6-8 that I saw.


We went to a wildlife park and we were able to go inside the lemur section and observe them close up.  When they have had enough they go to this window to get away from people and back into their cages.  I liked the way they grouped themselves in this window.

Now we have this weeks prompts which were children, flowers, photographer's choice, running and table setting.  First up-children:

Blessing and a friend playing a game while waiting for the photographer (me) to catch up to them.  I had been trying to get some candids of them and was finally successful!  Every other time they sensed I was near they would pose.


Here are some yellow flowers native to this area.  This park we were in is working to restore this area to the way it was before it was farmed.  It does give one an appreciation for the hard work it took to clear land for houses and food.

Table Setting:

I like the late summer and autumnal colors of this table setting.


This strange looking animal is called Foosa.  There were two of them and they never stopped running and pacing in the cage.  It was hard to get any sort of even average shots of them but I did manage to get a few.

Photographer's Choice:

This was our last day in the hotel pool.  I had to get out of the water and take some shots of her playing in the pool with this floatie...and then got right back in the water with her.  This was another shot taken with my phone-Sony Xperia Z1S.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This is one of the things I found on vacation in the junkyard of the salt mine we visited.  There were many interesting things there that I am sure I will be sharing over time.  it is good to be able to share black and whites again.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

SHS Aug 3 and 10

 I am on vacation but took some shots for the prompts last week and this one so today's post is a two for one.  Because I am still on vacation I may have trouble commenting back on your blogs but I will get there eventually.

For August 3rd we had animal:

 During our travels we stopped at a gas station and an antique store was on the property.  These were outside on display.


Our little hotel fridge has a nice bit of frozen ice.  I like the sparkles in this shot.


 Part of last months calendar.  June had something for every day almost but I did not have that one with me.  This calender goes from July to July so June is on last years calender which stayed home.


 This little kitten is trying to nap.  It was at the pool for a few days but I have not seen it since.  Hope someone found a home for it.

Two Things:

This table was also at the antiques shop.  I liked the curves and swirls of these two legs.  the top was plain wood but the iron work on these legs is lovely.

On to this week's hunt, August 10:

Hop, Skip, Jump:

 This is another shot of Blessing and friends playing Marco Polo.  Similar to one of the photos a couple weeks ago but I am on vacation and this is what I've got.  The friend is hopping away as Blessing is jumping to tag her.

Creative Angle:

These next three shots were all taken at one of the local art museums.  These are the door handles used in the museum.  I really liked all the angles the curved handles make.

Box or Package:

 There all sorts of "packages" in this box.  Thought this was a very clever piece of art.


This museum has lots of glass as one of its exhibits.  I took many pictures of all the glass pieces they had.  Some of it is blown glass and some of it is not but it was all beautiful.   This one you can see is slightly out of focus.  It was not easy photographing these as the lights on the glass cases gave a glare and I was trying not to get that in this shot.  I had to stop myself from trying to fix a bit of blurriness on the blue part, but it does fit the prompt.  The color really was this orange-red.

I don't do selfies and the bathroom here is too small to try to do something creative, so nothing for that one.

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