Saturday, October 3, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday October 4


I really wanted to capture the tropical storm we are having, but since it started in earnest today and the roads out to the beach are most likely flooded, and even if they weren't it's Shabbat, I decided to showcase weather we had at the Grand Canyon.

I still think it is so neat that we could actually see the rain streaks coming down form the sky.  I have various shots of rain clouds taken in different locations because I never tire of the fact we were able to see the rain before it came to us.

Part of:

This week we were learning about parts of speech.  My friend has a glass door she uses as an extra white board or to tape the parts of speech on to.  yes I know the background is blown out, but for these shots I do not care about that.

Cooking utensils:

I have needed a 2 cup measure for a long time and was able to pick this one up the other day.  I did not realize until I got home and was setting up the shot that this cup can be put in the oven and microwave.  This will be very helpful for melting and pouring out butter.

Here on the blue sticker you can see where it says it is for microwave and oven use.

I also saw these colorful paring knives which we use as meat knives too.  The colors are wonderful and the stripes on the knife are actually part of the  blade itself, not a second cover as I previously thought before I opened it at home.  They also had knives with the same colors in different patterns. I might need to pick up some more in those differing patterns.

The blue spoon and pink spatula are supposed to be heat proof up to 400 degreed F.  We will see but I did not have nay silicone spatulas and I seem to always need more mixing spoons than I already have.

The one thing I could not find was a large serving spoon.  I don't want all plastic nor all metal.  The one I have is half and half and since I can see the metal wearing away at the attachment point on both sides and can feel it wiggle when I use it, I need a replacement for that.  I went to two stores and neither one had what I need.  I sure do like these colorful utensils though!


This is my new binder and new, erasable, refillable gel pens.  Blessing and I both love the fun colors and of course, the fact that she still gets to write in pen and erase.  You push the pen clip down to release the point.  The tip at the top is the eraser and it is hard plastic.  It does not erase completely but does a good enough job, does not tear the paper and best of eraser dust!  Amazon has the biggest pen packs so maybe someone will get a pack as a Hanukah gift :) as we are missing some of the colors.

My binder is where I am keeping my notes for teaching this year and it is bright,colorful and pretty so right up my alley.


We have some pretty stairs around the downtown area and so I rattled this shot off right before heading into the first night of Sukkot service.  There are numerous choices but this was close and interesting so I knew it would be perfect for this prompt.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

No Pictures

My laptop which is where I edit my pictures, has once again given me the screen of death.  Laptop turns on, screen is black.  No idea when or if it can be rescued.  Still a few hundred dollars away from being able to get a new one, plus I am oping the one I want will have a good cyber Monday deal which is a month and a half away.  So posting will be erratic once again.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Little Things Thursday Oct. 1

When I lived in the Northeast, October was my favorite month as this is when the foliage reaches its peak color.  Contrary to what you may have heard, New England does not have a monopoly on color.  The entire Northeast has tremendous color.   When I lived in the Midwest and now that I am in the /d/e/e/p/ /s/o/u/t/h, I miss the color.  I don't miss snow, ice, and bare trees all winter long, but I do miss the color.  And truthfully, where I live now, winter would be bleak indeed if all the trees were bare as there is no snow to cover them.

Last year we did get color at the end of Nov/Dec something that has not happened in at least twenty years.  So far Sep. has been cloudy but still warm and humid so we will have to see what happens over these next two months to see if we get color.

This photo, though not perfect, makes me smile:

It is rare to see her truly enjoying herself.  She is a year older than Blessing and they like each other well it seems.....but I am not sure how much of a friendship I want to encourage as this girl has not made good choices last year or this.  Things as not doing her homework, trying to get out of class by saying she's sick (which her parents put a stop to), but anytime she does not want to do something like attend service she says she's sick and she stays home.  I have given her the nick name Eyeore (from Winnie the Pooh) as that is her reaction to everything.  That is why this picture is so precious to me-a rare moment of true joy on her face.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beach B & W

I have one more holiday next Monday and then. barring Internet issues, I should be able to post to all my regular memes the second week of October.   having so many interruptions makes it hard to remember what I posted but I looked through and did not see this one posted as black and white.


The b & w version I have not posted before.  I have posted this color version before a few weeks ago.  A lot of people commented that it looked like a sepia tone was added.  I have nothing against sepia tones,or adding them in, but wanted to say that no sepia tone was added here.  Due to the time of day this was shot and the colors  in this shot, it  naturally comes out with sepia or brown tones.

This is another shot that I don't have a favorite.   I like them both for different reasons.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Sep. 27

Less is More:

I like the variegated colors on this leaf and the fact I was able to capture only this one and blur the background made it perfect for this prompt.


I was not sure what to use for this prompt and then I saw all these birds on the wires above the ground.  I was fortunate enough to show one in flight.

Here is another shot capturing one of the birds in flight.  I did try zooming in closer isolating some of the birds, but decided I liked having more of them for these shots.


I love the red and yellow and water droplets on this Cana lily.

Here I focused on the ruffles of the leaves, another thing I love about cana lilies.

Photographer's Choice:

This is a cana lily leaf before it unfurls.  I liked the curves in this leaf.


 The last time I saw this type of bug was the first year we were here.  I have not seen it since, until this week.  I think its colors are interesting as well as the pattern on its back.

 Here he is from the front.

This is a view of his side and his belly where you can see he has white lines.

I took so many pictures as I do not know if I will see it again and I was pleased to see that I got so many good close ups.  I usually don't get that many keepers of my macro shots.

My Blessing saw it and said "You took a picture of a spider?  Ew, gross."  I was non- plussed and no I did not tell her it was not a spider.

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Saturday Silhouettes 14

This is a man volunteering to ruin his clothes and shoes by cleaning off bones and fossils at the La Brea Tar Pits.  I liked the way he is surrounded by shadows and that his face is silhouetted against the cloth.  I also liked the way the structures in the shot frame him.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Little Things Thursday Sep. 24

Yesterday was Yom Kippur-Day of Atonement.  The traditional way of observing it is to fast for 24 hours-no food or water.  I did have some water Wed. night, but did the full fast Wed. and I think this is the last year I do that as I felt very sick this year with strong headache, nausea and chills.  In past years I have had a bit of headache and nausea, but it was minor.  In fact even now I am still recovering from that sickness.  I felt better after dinner but it is now a few hours later and I am sorting the slide to feeling poorly again.  I am going to eat some more in a bit.

For those who read last week, I was able to access my free downloads from IEW, without their help.  I did hear form them on Friday and told them I was able to access what I needed.  I can see that it is a strong program and I will have someone who knows how to put words and sentences together.

And here is my flower for Floral Foto Friday - wisteria:

Little by Little

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Sep. 20


An end of summer evening at Coronado Beach- taken when I was on vacation.  I have to say this beach is nicer than the one we have here.


I shot these pictures during our tashlich service.  The kids were throwing bread before the service starts and the seagulls were diving for them.  I saw my photo opportunity and took it.  In the second shot, if you look to the right you can see a bread crumb above the bottom three seagulls.

Tashlich means casting away and we are casting our sins into the water bringing Micah 7:19 to life:

"He will again have compassion upon us; He will subdue our iniquities; And Thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea."

In the four years we have been here, Tashlich has always been a pleasant day.  The days before that are high humidity (and hot) and the days after it are the same, but tashlich is hot with low humidity.  This year, two days after tashlich,we were back to high humidity and have remained there, with temps 85-91.


This is the /T/a/l/m/a/d/g/e /B/r/i/d/g/e that connects my state (/G/A/) to /S/o/u/t/h /C/a/r/o/l/i/n/a.  If I was going to Hilton Head, I would take this bridge.  I chose to go black and white here because it had been while since I had done b & w for a hunt, and people who follow me know I enjoy black and white photography.  It brings out the lines in the bridge and I like the way this black and white made the water inky black.


At the bottom of the Grand Canyon is the Colorado River.  The river is in the back in the sunlight here and then snakes into the Canyon through varying tributaries and creeks.  I chose this shot because I like the serpentine curves winding their way through the Canyon.

For those of you who have never seen the Colorado river in the Canyon, it really is brown.  People will raft down the Colorado and there are spots where it has some strong rapids.  People will also kayak and canoe on it as well as along the smaller waterways and I am astounded they can do it because the smaller water ways are filled with all sorts of pebbles and stones, which would be hard on boats, oars and paddles I imagine.


Aren't these cute?  They are erasers that were in the dollar bin at one of the office stores.  They came packaged together in a neat little ziplock pouch.  This was to show their actual size.

This is a close up of their details:

Blessing thought they were okay, but (sniff, sniff) said she did not want them.  We did find another set of erasers, also a dollar for her that are cute and what she wanted, but it was not long ago that she still liked butterflies.  Maybe she will come back to her love for them as she gets a little older.  Growing up is hard on Mama hearts sometimes....

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