Monday, January 26, 2015

Ice Blue Barnacles

Kk texture belize used in the difference blend mode opacity 83%.  After over a year of doing this, I finally understood how to paint texture off part of the photo. I painted off some of the texture on this first pillar and a bit off the second one too.

 Ii figured this out last week too but was too tired form my battle with my software to explain that bit.  My software is till acting very slow, but that is its normal mode.  Until I can get a new laptop with more power, it will continue to be maddeningly slow but at least it works now.

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The Good, The Random, The Fun v 2.4

The Good:

I can participate this week.

The Random:

Last week my computer and my editing software would not play nicely together.  First Lightroom told me it did not have enough memory to export one photo.  This stumped me because Lightroom does not physically store your photos, so how could it run out of memory?

I tried opening a different editing program (onOne Photo Suite) and that program told me my computer did not have enough memory.  Ah now we are getting somewhere-that makes sense to me, but I was still a bit stymied as I store everything I can on my little external hard drive.  I did go into my main drive and deleted some stuff and although Lightroom is sooooooo slooooow, it is working.  My laptop is over five years old and I am eying some others.  I know what specs I want and I have about half the money saved I need.

The Fun:

Last week we had the opportunity to play with friends in the afternoon.  These are her four handsome boys.
The one in the blue shirt is a year older than my Blessing and the other two (fraternal twins) are a year younger.  I am enjoying the winter light here as we can get some good pictures in the afternoon with it.  In March, it will be too harsh-though that does not stop me from trying to capture images anyway!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mandarin Orange Monday 125 Dreidels

This was my first shot originally used for a Macro Monday.  I did some basic edits-adjusting midtones, shadows, brightening colors and then using brushes to crisp, sharpen and bring out details of the dreidels.

This is my MOM shot.  I adjusted the HSL sliders in Lightroom to bring out more of an orange tone in the wood and then took my photo into onOne Photo Suite 8 where I added the border to the picture.  This particular border also adds texture to the photo and I liked the softness it added to this shot.

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SHS Jan 25

No eaarthworms for this week's hunt.    I still have some good ones though:

Looking Down:

We spent some time with friends this week. This is the youngest blessing of my friend and he is in a stage of giving my friend a hard time every day.  We thought the red sweatshirt and red shoes would be a good photo and she gave me permission to catch him in his tantrum.   Interestingly enough, every time he was giving her a hard time and I pointed my camera at him, he would stop momentarily.  I told her that now she knows what to do at home-point the camera every time he is having a moment.


We had some fine weather this week.

In My Cup:

We were very social this week and after the story telling workshop we went to lunch at a place that makes wonderful milkshakes.  This is a cappuccino milkshake and it was delicious.


This is my friends' oldest blessing, relaxing in this playground "bubble".  He also gives her a run for her money.


Along with fine weather, we had wonderful light this week as well-until this weekend when it rained.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Story Teller

We had the wonderful privilege of listening to Jim Weiss of  He is a story teller in the oral tradition and he was wonderful.  Well worth the time spent over two days to hear his stories and hear his tips on how to be a great story teller.

He has some wonderful expressions, doesn't he?  He has been doing this for twenty-five years and as you can see, he acts out the a story by a little movement and many voice inflections and accents.  He does a fine Irish and Scottish brogue and while accents are fun you never want your audience to leave feeling they were made fun of.  So if you are not good with an accent but would like to try it, tell your audience that you would like to try the accent because it adds to the story but you are still learning it.  Even if it is done poorly they will give you credit for trying it and not leave feeling you were making fun of them.

He also spoke about details and that one needs to know when to omit them.  Perhaps the detail you omitted for this story will be the basis for your next one.  Don't tell a story you are not excited about as it will come through to the audience if you are not excited.

When teaching others, research has shown that people will remember things faster, for a longer period of time if it is told in a story.  Especially for educators, don't think there is not time to read or tell a story about engineers, architects, kings, etc...  because really, we can not afford skipping stories.

I can tell you that he obviously enjoyed telling his stories and we-adults and children alike enjoyed hearing them.  I could have spent more hours listening to his stories and been quite content.

We are all storytellers.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

White, Blue, Silver Wreath

I have folks who want to see the color version of the photo so here it is:

I like both of these equally.  There are times when I like one version over another, but not this time.

Are there any Lightroom experts out there who can tell me why when I export photos they are all put in a folder that says my export is untitled?  I name each photo before exporting it and when I open the untitled folder within the main folder I chose for my photo I see the name I gave it underneath.  I have LR 5 and it has never done this before.

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Monday, January 19, 2015


KK texture musiclovin - blend mode luminosity, opacity 80% and then brushed off the texture on Angel.  I know it could be better but I have spent hours the past couple of days trying to get my computer and editing software to play nicely with each other and I am tired.  It is 1:20 a.m. here.  Hopefully it will be better next week.

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