Monday, August 3, 2015

The Good, The Random, The Fun v.31

The Good:

Mango Curry Chicken -a family favorite Shabbat meal.

The Random:

I finally got all the pictures from my vacation loaded into Lightroom.  Now I need to work on collages for Mona's Monthly Collage meme.  I did not do June since I was traveling and I have many July photos to do too.  I hope to at least get June done this month and then July and August at the end of this month.

The Fun:

Blessing finally got to play with one of the girls she met in co op.  They played on Friday and I am sure they will have many more play dates int he future.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday August 2

There are lots of elk at the Grand Canyon.  They are not native to the area.  Deer were native to the area and their population was dwindling so the powers that be decided that bringing in elk would help the deer return, which did not happen.  The remaining deer left when the elk came in, but it was neat to see them.

We saw one known male and the rest were females and juveniles.  I could not get a photograph of the antlered one as he was not in the right position for me to get his antlers.  In fact they were hard to photograph as we saw them as we were driving by and by the time you saw them it was too late to raise your camera and shoot, but I did manage to get this one crossing the road and decided to use it for the prompt waiting:

This one started to cross the road in front of us.  Blessing saw it first and pointed it out to me.

You can see there was another car waiting for it to cross as well.

I really liked the light I caught in these pictures as well and debated about using them for light, but I have a different shot for that prompt.

Unlike deer, once elk decide to cross, they cross in a fairly straight pattern, not running around haphazardly the way deer do.  Of course the elk also look at you like they own the place and saunter across the road when they decide to move.

Shortly before we came across this elk we saw two separate cars pulled off the road with their emergency lights blinking and figured they hit an elk because they can just walk in front of you, so the rangers did warn us if they knew they were out and about.

Now we have the boring shot for  the A Chore prompt:

Before my car and laptop troubles, I had vacuum troubles.  It did not suck up dirt well and when it did it would come back out the bottom, hitting my lower legs and feet, which was not pleasant at all.  It was finally fixed and earlier this week I had a chore vacuuming up the accumulated dirt.  It works well now which is all that matters.

Low Angle:

Not only is this mushroom at a low angle,  I sat on the ground and pointed my camera at a low angle to get this shot.  It is shots like this that make me thankful for my articulating screen on my camera.


Pretty light for a pretty weed :)


I thought I would document the steps I take when I make mango curry chicken.  Starting from the top left :

red bell pepper and onions, garlic cloves and ginger, cumin, curry and my special added spices for some heat, mangoes and a mango splitter, beginning the mango split, the two halves split, the pit left in the center of the splitter, a mango scored horizontally and vertically, and the last photo is of the skin bent back and the cubes ready to peel off the skin with a paring knife.

We are not yet done so here is the second collage:

Starting again from the top left we have the cubed mango bits in a bowl, a deep sided sauté pan with boiling water ready to put the ingredients in.  The first thing to go in are the onions and red bell pepper,  the next shot is after the garlic, ginger, cumin, and my special curry blend go in,  then we add coconut milk, vinegar and one chopped mango, then we add in chicken pieces and golden raisins, (I forgot to add in the chicken pictures)! and the last shot is of the finished dish.  Serve over rice.

It took me a long time to make these collages as I got out of the habit of making them and was a bit rusty on my skills.  And I had chicken pictures edited and ready to go but I had to redo the collages a few times each and when I did that, my pictures jumped around in the filmstrip and thus they are not included here.  It took me a long time to do this as is and I am not going to re do it again.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Little Things Thursday

Another shadow shot of the Canyon.

I have been playing with the Camera Calibration settings in Lightroom 5.  It is found in the develop module on the right hand scrolling down the list and is above the lens profile corrections.  The default is set to Adobe standard but by clicking on the drop down menu there are a few other choices all starting with camera and the various settings such as standard, neutral, vivid, etc...  I have been using the landscape setting lately and I like it.  It adjusts the temperature and tint subtly.

You might want to play with that setting and see if you like it for your shots.

Thank you to all who viewed my Photo Friday post from last week.  I was the top viewed post so thank you for that.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Good, The random, The Fun v.30

The Good:

I was surprised to see this plaque on one of the columns at Hermit's Rest in the Grand Canyon.  Surprised because everywhere you go you are aware of their evolutionary mindset and usually you don't see a Psalm posted in places that have that mindset so it was a pleasant surprise.

The Random:

Last year before swim season I purchased two 32 gb memory cards with 95mb read/ write speed. Nowadays they have this size card with a 280 mb read/ write speed.  I got mine to squeeze some more speed out of my buffer and I can tell you that that speed did help my buffer.  They also helped me on this trip with storage.  Usually when I am on vacation I try to offload my images every couple of days but since I was not bringing my laptop with me on this trip I knew I would have to wait until I got home to offload them.  I filled up one card completely and also had hundreds of images on my second one.

How many images you ask?  On the card I filled, I had 1800 images.  If you have a camera with more mega pixels, you will probably get less.  By more I mean 36 or higher.  But it is a good to have a baseline, if you were wondering how many images you could fit on a 32 gb card with a 16mp camera.

The Fun:

This was another restaurant we went to.  Each table had a different painted design.  I took pictures of as many as I could, and I did not get them all.  I will be sharing more of them in the weeks ahead.

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