Monday, May 18, 2015

Heart and Foot

I used kk may texture, color dodge blend mode at 80%.

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The Good, The Random, The Fun v.20

The Good:

Summer swim practice starts tonight!!  This year one of our home school friends is joining us which is great for Blessing to have a school friend along.

The Random:

I have a Sony Xperia Z1s phone.  The update before this last one they changed the way our photos were stored in the album which was not a good thing.  It used to be that your photos were organized by month and date which made it handy to find ones you wanted.  In the bad update they changed that and no one could find their photos stored on their phone.  There were numerous complaints about that and we just had another update that put the organization of photos back to the way it was-Hooray!  I have to give them credit for listening to their customers and instituting the change since not all companies do that anymore.  Which leads me to

The Fun:

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Lag B'Omer poolside.  The pool opened for members and they had the kids make their own kites.  This is one of our friends making hers:

And Blessing making hers:

This was before her hair cut and now that I can find photos on my phone again, I can share them with you :).

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday May 17

Favorite Place:

It is not the beach per se that is her favorite spot, but the water sure is.  She had a grand time at the beach this week.  The first year we were here she got stung badly by a sea nettle and nine months later still had marks from the tentacles.  Tot his day she still has two spots left from it.  After that she did not want to return tot he beach and I did not blame her, so it was good that she was able to enjoy herself this day.

It was a good thing we did not go last summer as the jellyfish were very bad.


I had some fun this week making abstract oil bubbles.  I like the way the dots look a bit like a foot and heart int he first shot.

In these shots I was able to change the color by playing in my editing programs.  The first and third shots I used some presets in onOne Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 and the second one I darkened the color by playing with the black slider.


This may look like a panorama but it is not.  I used my widest angle lens and stood back to get the pier in the picture.

Makes Me Happy:

We had a playdate at a local park this week.  I like this shot as our little friend is looking at me and her hair is flying in the breeze.

I like this shot as it shows Blessing pushing her friend.  I also used a pearl matte overlay I have and I like the effect in this shot.  I have tried it before and did not like the look but do like it here.  I may have to use it more often :).


Here were some flowers that are part of the fragrant garden in the park and a building nearby.  The garden is small-the size of a large patio but every flower in there has a wonderful fragrance.  Even the hybrid rose still smelled like a rose.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Here is Blessing being silly:

Here she is with her new cut:

I posted the above picture on Sunday too but I like it so much it is here again :).  I found someone who knows how to cut curly hair and is not 80-100 dollars a cut!  Longer layers were cut into her hair and inches were taken off the longest length at the bottom.  it is so much easier now to take care of and she has started taking care of it herself (with my help).  Everyone that has seen it has had the same reaction I did:  they love it!

The hair dresser also backed me up when I showed her Blessings hair and told her it was fabulous and she agreed.  She told Blessing after the cut that once she learns to work with her hair, she will love it as there is so much you can do with it.  Still long enough for me to braid-with swim season upon us, I need that option, but I can have it loose more often now which is better for her.

For those of you who don't have curly hair you may wonder what the big deal is, but those of us that have it know that if you get someone who does not know hat they are doing, the wrong cut can be disaster with your hair going every which way.  Also short layers are generally not pretty on curly hair for the same reason-curls go every way and if you ever decide to gore it out, you look like a pineapple egad or chia pet until your layers get longer.

Now I need my hair done too-getting head and neck aches from the weight of my hair.  They did give me information about the CHI Enviro Smoothing treatment for whir but it costs a couple hundred dollars for one and they say that you should not swim because the treatment won't last as long.  Obviously, not swimming does not work for us-and no hair bands ,barrettes, clips or ponytails should;d be used until 7 days after treatment.    Not really practical for us in our day to day life....

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