Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Little Things Thursday September 3

My father was saying how he felt tired most of the time and went to the doctor who diagnosed him with Lyme disease.  We are flummoxed as to how he got it since he does not get bites.  He has also been having trouble breathing.  His heart was checked and his heart is in good condition. Next test is checking his lungs.

Some of you may recall that my mom died almost 15 years ago of lung cancer.  Before she had lung cancer she had Lyme disease.  She said she had back pain and some other aches and pains that were all attributed to Lyme disease.  Six weeks before she went to the hospital for cancer because she was in so much pain she could not move she had a CT scan or x ray or some such that showed no tumors.  But when she went in to the hospital they were in her lungs, so badly in her back that they could not all be removed,  and she had one in her head.  And nothing showed up in that six week check up, or so we were told.

I don't want them to ignore my Dad's complaints the way they did with my Mom and thus I have some wariness about his care.  I need to talk with my step mom and remind her to please not let them ignore him.

My flower this week is a gardenia:

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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Good, The Random, The Fun v.35

The Good:

Blessing had a birthday last week.

The Random:

I am displeased with the "customer service" at the place we had her party today.  Readers may recall that I was going to have it at the place we were members of but balked at the $175.00 for two hours price.  I emailed the contact person twice to ask what, if anything was included in that price.  I never heard back from her and even if something happened with he first email I know she had to have gotten the second one since later that same day  I received an email from her about winter swim.

I did have her party there but did not formally sign up.  It was cheaper to pay for my five guests myself and they don't give discounts or refunds for any reason.  By the time we got to the pool it was raining hard.  We could not use the the outdoor or the indoor pool.  The indoor pool only has three lanes and they were all being used.  The aquatics director who is also the contact person for pool parties came out and said she wished she had known we were there as she could have reserved a lane for us inside, but a lane should be free in 20 minutes.  I did tell her that I did not do it formally as I thought the price was ridiculous for the amount of people I had.  Since my guests were there I did not get into the fact that I had emailed her twice and got no response.

She goes inside.  A couple of lifeguards knew we were there outside waiting for the pool since one of them was out there when we arrived and another couple came out a couple of times-once to ask if we had seen their walkie-talkie.  So they knew we were there.  A couple of the girls noticed the indoor pool was empty so they start to go in, but all doors are locked and when we do get their attention they tell us the pool is closed.

This is where I decide I will write a letter of complaint about the customer service.  When we picked up our things to bring them in I asked why, when they knew we were out there, in bathing suits, wanting to use the pool, did they not come and tell us it was closed.  If it wasn't' for the girls wanting to go in, we would not have known it was closed and we could have been locked out of the building for who knows how long?

This was stupid on their part as they had potentially 5 or more customers who might have used their facilities, but won't now.  All the other moms thought it was odd they did not come out to tell us the pool was closed too.

I do know that I will not use their facilities for any type of party again.  And since the aquatics director will be responsible for organizing summer swim team, things don't look good.  We will do it because Coach Chris is so awesome, but if they were to get another coach, I would be looking at joining another team.

The Fun:

Blessing did have a good time. Since her three friends with the A names were there, I have decided that anytime I need to refer to all of them at once, they are the A Team.:)

The A-Team


This girl is one of Blessing's A team.

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday August 30


We were able to play with friends this week.  Here they are building legos.

This is my friends' youngest daughter playing with clay.

Natural Light:

 In the late afternoon and evening, we get wonderful sunlight through one of our windows.  My cat likes to take advantage of all that natural sunlight.  Sometimes this is a detriment when I have opened the curtains for sunlight for a shot and he decides to lie in the sun instead.

We also had some pretty clouds in the evening sky.


I could have used these shots for natural light too but decided to use them for inside.  Nothing like the birthday girl loving on the cat.  He is also enjoying the attention.


Blessing cut up these strawberries and bananas for herself for a snack and they are yummy. And one of these days I will get better at food photography.  Practice makes perfect.

This was Blessing's birthday cake-coconut vanilla with butter cream frosting.  It was yummy and she actually ate it!  For the longest time she would not eat cake, so we did ice cream cakes for her birthday.  It is good to see her palette has expanded to include regular cake too.

What I Did Today:

When I visited my friend I was able to take pictures of cute kids and a cute baby.

The girl in this shot is Blessing's good friend.  She is holding her violin teachers' baby here.

Blessing got her turn to hold the baby.

And of course I had to get a close up of this cutie patootie's face.  Her eyes are so blue.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday August 23

I am once again joining in this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Each week we are given five prompts for our hunt and we can interpret them in photos any way we wish.  I am starting off with Rule of Thirds:

This is the Painted Desert.  The rule of thirds means you picture a diagram of two horizontal lines and two vertical lines evenly spaced over your photograph.  Some cameras have this as an overlay option that you can see before you take the shot and some software programs have it as a guide you see before cropping your photo.

The idea is that you put the most interesting parts of the photo on one of the points where the four lines intersect.  Here the two people on the bottom are on those lines.  Now it does not have to be exactly on that point, close enough is good enough.


We have had sun showers everyday this week which is a bit unusual.  We have rain most every day here in the summer and often the sun will come out after the rain, but to have it rain while the sun is still shining is unusual-especially when it happens all week long.  Today it was thundering during the sun shower.  To me sun showers are a silly concept. To my disappointment, no rainbows could be seen from my area once the rain stopped.

Here we have a wide view of the sun shower.

Next we have a close up of the small rainspout.

 I liked the way the rain is glistening on this date palm tree and when you look to the left of the tree you can see the rain coming down.

Guilty Pleasure:

Did y'all know that there is such a thing as white turquoise?  I know this shot does not do it justice.  It is beautiful.  Now if you look at the top left of the photo you will see a price on the back of a small pair of earrings.   I wanted a pair of the elongated ovals but they were even more expensive than the pair here, so i took a picture of it instead.  Maybe someday I can get a pair.  It really is beautiful.



We had an opportunity to attend a coffeehouse on vacation.  One of the acts were these swing dancers.  Here is the beginning of the spin:

The middle:

I know there are some odd shadows on her dress here which is due to the lighting.  I am not sure how to correct it but I wanted to let you all know it is the light, not dirt or from anything she did :).  I love his position in this moment of the dance too.

The end:

I like the fact that I captured her hair streaming behind her, her skirt flaring out and her feet coming back to the ground.

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Butterfly over Grand Canyon

This shadow was formed by the clouds over the canyon.  I did not manipulate the shadow to make it into a butterfly shape.

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