Thursday, March 5, 2015

Random 5 Friday March 5

1) I am glad to see that Nancy of A rural Journal is back to blogging and that Random 5 Friday is back too.

2) This is a sticker my friend has on her car.

3) This week it has been 75-80.  today it was 84 and tonight (Friday) we have a freeze warning.

4) Every time I plan an outdoor game for my students in co op, it rains or is cold.  Today (Friday) our high for the day will be 45.

5) I replaced the bulbs in one of our lamps and the bulbs were so hot that they literally burned a hole in the plastic cover of the light.  I changed the bulbs down to a lower wattage.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Cameilla Bud

Ah yes it is that time of year again when camellias are out.  This bush is a late bloomer than the others in the neighborhood but I am fine with that as I get more enjoyment of it since it does bloom later.

I used kk reverie texture on the lighten opacity mode, 80 %.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Earth, Air, Water, Fire

I am entering the Explore the Elements contest,   Clicking on the link takes you to the contest and rules.


This is part of the carving on the Stone Mountain /G/A , taken in Stone Mountain.


I admit that this one had me stumped for a while until I remembered I had this shot.  This was taken at the /S/a/v/a/n/n/a/h/ /Y/a/c/h/t /C/l/u/b.


I was able to watch a glass blowing presentation at Stone Mountain /G/A and here the bowl is starting to take shape inside the fire.


Some of the jellyfish I saw at the Georgia Aquarium.

Part of the contest rules state that you need to tell five other bloggers about it, so I pick:

Lisa Kerner


Sarah Carletti

Kim Cunningham

Prairie Jill

It was hard to narrow it down and of course, any of you reading can participate in this contest.  Entires close on March 16th.

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Mandarin Orange Monday 130



I adjusted the mid tones, shadows,  contrast, used my detail, crisp, sharpen brushes, increased contrast, played with the curve tones and adjusted my HSL sliders.  Pretty much what I do every week and while it sounds like a lot of steps, the adjustments are really minor.  I also cropped this image from the top.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

SHS March 1

Happy March!  Here we are had another cool, cloudy week.  This past month was unseasonably cool (temp wise) for where I live and while the rain and I have enjoyed it. by the end of this month we will have much warmer and humid temps.  On to the hunt where I will start off with selfie:

We went on a wildlife habitat field trip and they had some display cases outside.  This case is showing snake eggs and you can see my reflection in this case.  I thought it was a clever idea for selfie.

A Dreaded Task:

This is my craft supply closet.  I did start out with things organized and all got away from me.  And while it does need to be organized, it is not a high priority as many other things take precedence over this.


I do keep my books fairly well organized unlike my craft closet :)  A couple of books are missing as Blessing is reading one and I am reading another one.  This is a fantastic series of fantasy books by Bryan Davis.  I enjoy these stories as much as Blessing and they do not glorify the darker characters, which I appreciate.


I am pretty sure this cat's fur is soft, but I can't prove it as she does not like strangers touching her.  She has some pretty markings though.


My fshionista as she called herself this day all dressed up for co op.  I snapped this picture early in the morning before we went off to our classes this week.


We have had a couple of days where the sun came out in the evening around sunset.  This was one of those days and I really liked the colors and clouds here.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wildlife Habitat

Last week we did not have co op, we had a field trip instead.  We went to one of our local universities to learn about wildlife habitats.  There were so many of us that we were divided up into two groups to go around to all the stations.  It was cold that day-28 degrees when we started so our stations were staggered-an hour outside, an hour inside which worked well.

We started off with some creepy critters:

This is a hissing, also known as Madagascar cockroach.  The second group heard them hiss and their hisss could be heard in the back of the large room.

They also had various tropical frogs:

This is the poison dart frog.

Not sure which one this is, but it is also poisonous:

Sure is pretty though isn't he?

Baby Alligator:

They only keep them as babies.  When they grow they send them elsewhere.  They are born with the yellow stripes to protect them form predators.  In the water it looks like they are ripples of sunlight in the water.  When they grow big enough they lose the yellow stripes.

Here the kids were settling down to see the alligator:

We also saw various birds of prey like this barn owl:

It was worth braving the cold.  I have many more pictures which I shall be sharing at some point here.

We have had a lot of events the past two weeks with another event (besides co op) this weekend.  I do have all the photos from this last week uploaded so I am ready for co op, Scavenger Hunt Sunday and this weekends birthday party.

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