Saturday, April 19, 2014

SHS April 20

First up for this weeks hunt is close up:

This is a hand blown glass sculpture.  I pulled it out for my Passover table.  the white spots are not dirt or a camera mistake-they are small bubbles inside the glass itself.  I know the nose is bent a bit, but I like it-feel it gives it a bit of character.  It's okay if you disagree-I tend to like the unusual in some things :).

Then we had bright colors:

The three cups are glass candleholders and the two flowers are floating candles.  I loved the bright colors of all of these.

Next up is mirror:

We could have used this for trick as well-Blessing says it looks like the ball is floating in air.  Had a lot of fun with this one.  Shooting through the ball makes the picture int he ball upside down so I rotated the whole picture to get the floating mirror ball effect.

Selective Color:

Last is my trick shot:

I held a small crystal prism I have up to my lens and shot through it to get this rainbow prism effect.  The two lighter lines on the right that are see through are part of metal wind chimes also shot through the prism.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Perfectly Imperfect

The way the bottom petal is curled under and the small hole in the green leaf made this photo perfectly imperfect to me.  Edited with kk downtown II collection isobel at multiply 75% and hard light at 40%.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

SHS April 13

Signs of Spring:

Wisteria buds.  They smell so good.


Our azaleas are all past their prime.


Last thing You Bought:

Flowers for 1st night of Passover.  I liked the variety of these, but only the coral ones smell :(.

Four Things:

It's mango season!!!!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Random 5 April 11

1) I am finally shooting in manual only mode. I have tried this before but could not figure out how to change my aperture when in manual mode.  Now I know how to do it-finally!

2) We had a business transaction happen yesterday (Thursday).  Wed. afternoon at 3 p.m. I get a call telling me that something is needed from our bank before said transaction can go through.  If our bank can't get said item done, the transaction would have to be rescheduled.  We did get the item done and sent off but nothing like waiting until the last minute..grrr....

3) If you use LightRoom 5 for photo editing and you forgot to set your picture control back to color after shooting in b & w, it imports the b & w as a color photo.  I shoot in RAW, so I don't know if it does that if you shot a .jpg in b & w, but it saved a photo I wanted in color.  (The colonial girls shot I posted last month).  Good to know.

4) LR5 has a new update which is mostly for users who have i pads or phones.  I have neither but installed it because it said it fixed minor bugs in previous versions.  It took 20-30 minutes to save one photo, and when I went to look at the photo, all it saved was the title.  There were 0 bytes in the photo.  I tried a few more times and the same thing happened every time. be sure it was not something with the photo, I tried saving a different photo-exact same thing happened.  I uninstalled it and went back to 5.3-now everything works the way it should.

5) I have decided to enter this photo contest.   I know the photo I will use and have it edited.  I am sitting on it for a short while before posting it to make sure I like the way it looks.  I have not looked at any other entries yet but will after I submit mine.  I have thought about entering some contests before and this is a good way to start-and there is no entry fee!  I don't expect to win but do hope to learn more about photography.

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