Monday, December 15, 2014

Snow Azaela

For this shot I used kk template touch of pink in LR5.  In onOne photo Suite 8 I added a snow overlay from florabella and kk texture carmel from the cloth and paper set.  I set the snow overlay at normal 95% opacity and used carmel soft light at 54% opacity, merged all my layers together and before adding the last two together set opacity at soft light 50% again.  It is really great to have the ability to add snow to a photo.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mandarin Orange Monday 123

This was my original shot for MOM.  We had our end of semester celebration this week.  We studied medieval history and we had a fair for them.  Here they are jousting using pool noodles so no one would get hurt.

This is my edited MOM:

I cropped the picture and used my detail, sharpen and crisp brushes.  Also deepened my mid tones and lightened up the shadows and used used an increase exposure brush on Blessings face.

This is my shot for Macro Monday and I Heart Macro:

By the way, the headband has small pink lights that you can make flash quickly, flash slowly or stay on steady.  I thought the lights were fun and the headband gave my Blessing the perfect medieval maiden touch-with her long curly tresses :).  Yes her curls are natural.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

SHS Dec 14 Medieval Faire Edition

This week all my shots are from our end of semester celebration which was a medieval faire since we studies that time period.


We had different stations set up-mine was the jousting section.  Here we are using pool noodles as our jousting spears and had the kids run towards each other and poke each other with the noodles.  I did tell them not to aim for the head, face or eyes but noodles are hard to control.  You can see in the top picture that Blessing is not too upset at being poked in the head.

The girl she is jousting with is one of her friends as well as the girl in the pink jacket who is jousting with someone else.  I chose this for colorful because Blessings jacket and headband are colorful.  Her headband has pink lights in it too.  they can be steady, or they can blink fast or slow :).


These are some of the decorations we put up...unfortunately they kept falling down.


We started in the morning and it was about 40 degrees outside which is why so many kids have on jackets and hats.  I liked the sun spots I captured and felt it was perfect for the fresh prompt.


Another banner and a knight.  The silver fabric on the banner is shiny and knights have shining Armour.  The banner also has some shining sparkles on it too but it might be hard to see it on your monitor.


Here are some of my jousters underneath the flag pennant banner awaiting their turn.

After setting up, we had about five minutes before the kids started coming around to the stations.  Once that happened there was very little time for me to capture any shots from other stations as I was responsible for running the jousting.  I knew that once we started all I could do was fire off shots and I knew the light would be changing during the morning so i set my camera to continuous shooting mode, put it in automatic with no flash and left it at that.  The good thing is that my camera still allows me to shoot in RAW format even in automatic mode, so I still keep all my detail information for editing later.

Hail and fare thee well!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

House Decoration

I had internet and keyboard difficulties, so missed posting the last few weeks.  Someone was interfering with our internet connection and I could not stay connected for more than five minutes at a time.  When that ended, my keyboard got so hot it would not let me type anything.  I do have a fan running under the keyboard all the time and that still happened, but all seems better now so I am back to my black and whites.

This is a pretty iron decoration someone has on the side of their house.  I thought it was pretty and delicate and turning it into black and white really brought that out.

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Monday, December 8, 2014


I used kk december 0301 pin light at 59 % opacity and feleicity at lighter color 55%.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mandarin Orange Monday 122

I started out with this shot of a pine cone.  I did some basic adjustments in LR5 adjusting shadows, midtones, highlights, lights, darks, shadows, then used my brushes to bring out crispness, sharpness and details.  I then added a preset I have called honey and ended up with this:

This was not bad but I wanted more orange so I went to my HSL adjustment panel and adjusted all three panels for red, yellow and orange and ended up with this:

my final shot for MOM.

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