Saturday, May 3, 2014

SHS May 4

First scavenger hunt for the merry, merry month of May.  I decided to start with good:

I participate in Photo Art Friday- a monthly meme that features the art side of photography and digital media.  Each month we are given an optional theme-this month it was collage.  Some of you have seen some of these images before, others have seen them as part of this months Photo Art meme, but I do think this is good, so here it is.  Besides its' my blog and I can do what I want!

Extra bonus is that it did not take me hours to put this collage together.  The first couple of times I did this, it took hours to put together.  I was expecting the same thing this time, but nope!  It took me half an hour at most and most of that was sizing them and putting them in an order I liked.

On my feet:

I originally bought the flip flops for me, but found them uncomfortable so Blessing has them.  The top photo are her feet in the flip flops.  She also was the photo stylist for that shot. :)

The second shot are my feet.  Notice that my right foot has something my left does not!  A week ago I dropped a large bottle of water on my foot and got this bruise.  I still have the bruise and it still hurts every so often between my third and fourth toes,  I did not break my toes, but wonder if I broke a small bone or two where my toes join my feet.  It did give me something to add to my teaching for this semester on the human body!


Blessing got these from one of her teachers.  I thought it was neat that they have designs on them.  Plastic eggs sure have changes since I was a kid!


Another two-fer!  Many times when I state that I converted a photo to b & w because I was not happy with the color one, people have asked to see both, so I decided to do that here.  The colored one is not bad, (yes I know the sky is blown out, but I am not bothered by that here), but I felt that the b & w brings out all the shapes the branches, leaves and small spiral pieces make.  As always, your opinion may differ and that is fine too. :)

Little things:

Blessing loves the LPS (Littlest Pet Shop)  line of toys.  Often the pets will come with accessories. The pink one is a little vanity table and the other side of the lid has metallic plastic for the mirror.  Blessing put the decorative stickers on them and then colored them with a silver sharpie.  She also drew the swirl on the vanity table.  She asked me to take a picture so I arranged them to best show off her handiwork.

I think this is the most writing I have done on an SHS post :).

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  1. Sweet photos!! I love tiny things too, my girls have lots of them all over the house. :))

  2. What a lovely collage for Good. Your first photo for On my Feet could have worked for Little Things as well. And, ouch, sorry to hear about your foot. I enjoyed seeing both the color and the b/w shot for shapes. Not sure which I prefer, though I agree that the b/w one brings out the shapes better.
    have a great day

  3. I like both color and b&w...and that collage is great!

  4. Great post and so creative.

    Have a great day!

  5. Your collage was good and it's great that it didn't take you a long time to put together.
    Blessing is a good photo stager with those flip-flops and all the little decorative things.
    Ouch on that bruise, I hope it stops hurting soon.
    I've never seen plastic eggs like those, very different.
    Blessing plays with her toys like Coleen, she loves to decorate them as well.
    I love the vines shot. I actually though did prefer the color version. The lighting was pretty.

  6. Wonderful scavenger hunt items! The foot does look painful. I hope it's healed by now.